Ged Forrest

Who Wants It?

Who wants it?
Who wants to know?
Tactical ability is secondary to heart
there’s a thing that Governments and Generals rely on,
when soldiers fight
they fight for each other,
there’s a code that comes with friendship;
casuals know it in a single word:
Me and Jasper were stood at the end of the bridge,
they opened the gates at the ground,
the other end of the bridge began to swarm,
there was nowhere to go,
we don’t run.
They had a bounty on Jasper from the 80s
we stood next to each other,
an empty Budweiser bottle each
and faith, faith in loyalty,
we each knew the other wouldn’t run,
that we would Stand,
that we were Stoke,
that was the deal
when you enter a situation
knowing the extremes of its consequence,
you make a pact.
If you tell your friend that you will stand by them
then as long as they are true
you Stand.
As they circled us
it became surreal,
the fear began to ebb,
I felt a kind of calm.
I looked into their faces
there was a lot of young lads,
mebbe carrying Stanley’s,
there were fucking hundreds of them.
One of them gobbed at me.
I smiled and wiped my face
with the sleeve of me Stone Island jumper.
“Where are your boys Jasper?”
“Where do you think they are?
They’re still in there.”
After a minute they smiled
nodded and left,
we walked to the ground and started giggling.
“Fucking hell Gedi, that was close.”
We’d got away with it,
another tale to tell,
and tell again.
When the stand off is over
what happened matters little,
but the deal was kept.
In a fight it’s easy,
you Stand,
without the fighting,
the deal is the same,
you still

Ged Forrest


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