Accident/Last Rough Cause

Two of the better bands from the tail end of Oi get a live review in Sounds, 26 January, 1985.

Accident/Last Rough Cause

Recent months have seen Last Rough Cause develop into one of the hottest street level acts in the North East. Now reduced to a three piece, they’ve tightened up and show a marked improvement in the delivery of their rough ‘n’ very ready melodic punk anthems.
‘The Grand Old Duke Of York’ opened up their set on this cold night in a flurry of beefy bravado before they plunged into well keyed up originals like ‘Violent Few’, ‘Let Them Know’ and ‘Get Them Back’.
The Cause had certainly set the night off in the right way, and Accident were left to finish it quite superbly, with a string of wickedly stlish pneumatic pop numbers that reeked of authority and excellence.
Frontman Paul displayed a great deal of confidence throughout the demonic performance, showing he’s now developed into a charismatic and quite capable vocalist, being aided commendably by the slick and tight musicianship.
On the whole this was simply another occassion where Accident proved just how much of a worthwhile outfit they are.
They deserve to rise above their current cult status. Pure class.

Spike Sommer




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