Gav T’Lad

A poem by Hull Ranter Gav T’Lad from New Youth, number 4, 1984

Young At Heart

65 with an adolescent mind,
Clutching onto childhood
That you’ll never leave behind.
Ironing out the wrinkles,
But your efforts are in vain,
Your face is bound to change
But your mind can stay the same.
When your body started growing old
You often wondered why
But your circumstances never met
Your given alibi.
You dream of being young
Because Youth is in your blood
You get the urge to hide and seek
And dress like Robin Hood.
You can’t help the frustration
At the thought of getting on
And knowing not too far ahead
That childhood will be gone.
You’re getting old and slowing down
But still you’re young at heart
You can’t control your giggle
When you hear a noisy fart.
When your book of life’s complete,
Written on the final page
Is the answer to your missing link

Gav T’Lad



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