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Marcia Medici

This poem from Blackpool, and a bit gothy, ‘zine Altogether Silly Haircuts, first issue, 1985.

Can I Be Yours?

Can I be yours?
Can I be like your Automatic Washing Machine
Pushed, Pressed, Programmed to do as you want;
Can I be your Home Computer game?
Selected, Squeezed, ‘Sterminated
(Until about March when I’m forgotten along with the Action Man.)

Can I be your vacuum cleaner?
‘Wot-a-mover-Hoover’ beats as it sweeps as it cleans as its
Available now!
Can I be your electric toaster?
Fully automatic – copes with even frozen bread:
Perky, pop-up party-piece.

Can I be your Interior-sprung Draw-Divan?
(headboard extra)
Built for comfort, space saving a speciality for
Nights of plastic passion, or Heavy Headaches.

Can I be your partner please?
Can I be yours to keep?
Church-Chains, Marital-Mortgage:
Can I be your possession-

Marcia Medici

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