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Marcia Medici

This poem from Blackpool, and a bit gothy, ‘zine Altogether Silly Haircuts, first issue, 1985.

Can I Be Yours?

Can I be yours?
Can I be like your Automatic Washing Machine
Pushed, Pressed, Programmed to do as you want;
Can I be your Home Computer game?
Selected, Squeezed, ‘Sterminated
(Until about March when I’m forgotten along with the Action Man.)

Can I be your vacuum cleaner?
‘Wot-a-mover-Hoover’ beats as it sweeps as it cleans as its
Available now!
Can I be your electric toaster?
Fully automatic – copes with even frozen bread:
Perky, pop-up party-piece.

Can I be your Interior-sprung Draw-Divan?
(headboard extra)
Built for comfort, space saving a speciality for
Nights of plastic passion, or Heavy Headaches.

Can I be your partner please?
Can I be yours to keep?
Church-Chains, Marital-Mortgage:
Can I be your possession-

Marcia Medici

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Viz is undoubtedly one of the best things in Britain. Since 1979 they’ve been publishing rude, crude, irreverent humour that lays low the pompous. This interview is from the Melody Maker, 12 December, 1987.
Initially Viz started out pretty much as a ‘zine, and strips from the comic were widely seen in other ‘zines. By 1987 it was a nationally distributed comic with major sales and a welcome sight on newsagents’ shelves.