Bombs Rain Down On Salford

From New Youth, issue 4, 1984

Bombs Rain Down on Salford

Their 4 minute warning is a bloody great lie
Do you really think they’re gonna tell you
When you’re going to die?
But the ‘quality’ folk in the know
Will get their warning, days before
Secretly building their nuclear shack
Down the garden, out the back,
The nissen huts they’ll call their homes
Deep beneath the garden gnomes
“We’ve stockpiled ten cases of baked beans,
and we’ll make sure the kiddies eat their greens,
cos if they don’t grow up mutated, they’ll grow up constipated!”
Spring water supplied through garden hoses
And people still try to keep up with the Joneses
Who’ve got a shelter painted blue,
And a rifle to keep out me and you.
Well it’s one way of shortening the dole queue
So, when the bombs rain down on Salford
They won’t do any harm
Despite Soviet pyrotechnics, there’s no call for alarm
British people everywhere, remember what our ‘leaders’ said…
“Show the stiff upper lip and get fried to a crisp
cos you’re better off dead than red.”

Dino The Frog



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