Private Hell

From Youth Anthem, 4, 1984

Private Hell

All she wanted was sun on her wedding day
When she found out she had one on the way
She didn’t love him, but he’s alright
Now they’re saving for Toremolinos for their wedding night
They argued, of course, about their guests,
the flowers, the photographer and all the rest
That’s not unusual with wedding plans
But her brain starts to work and she can’t understand
why she doesn’t like what’s happening
Something has been overlooked
She can’t think, she’s just there to be fucked
But it’s too late to think now
The plans are made, the bills are paid
the cars are booked, the cake’s been made
There’s no time to turn back now
It’s the Friday before and the hen party
Her life’s a mess but the girls are happy
So she acts another role and enjoys the fun
But still she’s hoping she’s dead before the morning comes
But she’s just too pissed to slash her wrists
There’s no way out now because…………..
………..Down at the Bulls Head the tables are laid
Her hangover gets worse as the glasses are raised
The chicken was good, the disco was great
And the crowd cheer as the canned car disappears
into the stormy sunset
And then the heavens opened on saturday the 6th.

of Manchester ‘zine Punks & Needles



One thought on “Private Hell

  1. quillella

    At first, I didn’t understand what the message was, and then I got in and -mind BLOWN! Great job, it’s a great poem. You even managed to make rhyming work!


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