Swells D.O.A.

Seething Wells reviews D.O.A’s album in the NME, 12 October, 1985.

Let’s Wreck The Party

The world’s most crash-happy live band make a rather good record despite allegations of ‘sell-out’. DOA are bucking the current hobby-horse of advancement through alternative ghettoisation by aiming keenly at the dirtier end of the Aerosmith metal-market. The HM sheen of ‘Party’ does them no disservice. They do it well and with much eagerness.
Lyrically they are as delightfully irresponsible and as meanly liberal as ever. At one point this record demands you stop playing it at once and go and build a general strike. All very well but hardly the sort of stuff that’ll get you on MTV and set you down the road to that land of plenty where the only sound to disturb the peace is that of colour televisions crashing through hotel windows.
The original cover which showed the various band members murdering a record company executive and his family has been withdrawn from UK copies for aesthetic reasons.

Steven Wells



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