The Extra Tebbitestrial

From Youth Anthem, 4, 1984
Norman Tebbit was a right-wing Tory membe of Mrs Thatcher’s government. In 1884 he was Trade and Industry Secretary. He was well known for being anti-trade union.
In 1981 his response to the Young Conservatives chairman Iain Picton suggesting that rioting in Handsworth and Brixton was a natural reaction to unemployment was: “I grew up in the ’30s with an unemployed father. He didn’t riot. He got on his bike and looked for work, and he kept looking till he found it.”

The Extra Tebbitestrial (E.T.) (Norman Tebbit)

The dole queue figures reach an all time peak
E.T. says “get on your bikes” to ride and seek
The non-existant jobs that he claims are there
But we know he’s bluffing and it’s so unfair
‘Cause the bikes we once owned are in the pawnbrokers
A sad consequence of the tory jokers
The Extra Tebbitestrial can’t be human
He’s gotta be related to gary Numan
‘Cause just like him he’s cold with a hard exterior
With his brains situated in his bald posterior
Extra Tebbitestrial doesn’t come from earth
He doesn’t come at all for what that’s worth
Extra Tebbitestrial certainly makes the little kids cry
‘Cause their old man is out of work and he can’t explain why
The Extra Tebbitestrial is the cause of our pains
The power he’s got can drive us insane
The Extra Tebbitestrial is part of Thatcher’s attack
He grew like a manitou out of her back
Extra Tebbitestrial wants to phone home
But all I can say is Extra Tebbitestrial “Fuck off home”

Swift Nick



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