Michael Smith – Meck Dem Know How Yuh Feel

From his posthumously published book It A Come, 1986.

Meck Dem Know How Yuh Feel

Meck dem know how you feel
fi siddung deh so long,
an a no you one de pressure a teck.
Down to de yout-dem inna Brixton
stop sing glory to Englan,
for not even a laugh
can come outa dem heart
de way dem desperate
fi sinting fi nyam.

Meck dem know dat bull inna pen
waan fi come out
fi go chat wid im frien
an backward dem wid dem
mock-ritual-of-poverty chat
dat dem hold we wid
when election pop.
Dem tink we doan know,
meck dem galang so.

Dem tink we figet Vietnam
when we did jump and shout
dat dem fi drive dose barbarians out
an never realize dat dem a human
dat have a burnin desire fi free
like any odder man.

Meck dem know how you feel,
an no bodder come to me
come look sympathy,
for friendly understandin
is not de solution.
We waan answer, or else
dis-ya civilization ya
cyaan go no further.

Michael Smith



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