Maggie’s Hymn

Love and Molotov Cocktails, number 5, 1983 has this in it: This prose was discovered by ‘R. Kelly’ of Blackpool, who noticed a group of teenagers “locked in discussion & making notes”. When he/she saw that the youngsters had gone, “I saw some of their pieces of paper on the ground so I picked them up” – this is what was written on the paper:

Maggie’s Hymn (On The Steps Of No. 10)

Blessed are the pure in heart
For they are so easily deceived;
Blessed are the pure in spirit
For they shall not oppose me;
Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for jobs
For they shall serve to keep inflation down;
Blessed are the meek
For they shall allow me to rule forever and a day.

Verily then I say unto you
The poor shall always remain with us,
For my policies are pure and simple
Many shalt pay, Yea, but few shall prosper.

And there shalt come much weeping and gnashing of teeth
For he who finds a job shalt lose it,
And he who loses his job for my sake
Shalt have his benefit taxed,
For what shall it profit me
If a man spends his life drawing non-taxable benefits?

Behold I preach unto the nurses and hospital workers –
Go forth and heal the sick, raise the dead,
Cleanse the lepers and cast out demons,
And do all these things without sufficient pay.
Neither expect more equipment nor new hospitals;
And I say unto the sick
Take up thy beds and walk,
For with you indeed is fulfilled the age old prophecy of our glorious Tory party,
Unto those who havest, shalt more be given
And from those who hath not even that which they havest shall be taken away;
For this is my law and the profits as they were
Are now and ever shalt be
Monetarism without end, Amen.

written sometime around June 9th, 1983

Official visit to Moscow Russia by Margaret Thatcher March 1987


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