Blooming Æsthetic

Broadsheets and music hall had a huge influence on Ranting poetry. They were what people read and where people went. Funny, satirical, and political verse were shared and became the popular songs and jokes of the day.
Punk contained a large part of music hall and reggae DJs at a dance ran down current events and scandals.

Blooming Æsthetic
From The Rag, 30 September, 1882


A dealer-in-coke young man,
A wallop-his-moke young man,
A slosher-of-pals,
A spooning-with-gals,
An ought-to-be-blowed young man.

A tell-a-good-whopper young man,
A slogging-a-copper young man,
A pay-on-the-nod,
An always-in-quod,
A sure-to-be-scragged young man.

A Sunday-flash-togs young man,
A pocket-of-hogs young man,
A save-all-his-rhino,
A cut-a-big-shine, oh,
Will soon-have-a-pub young man


A powder-and-paint young girl,
Not-quite-a-saint young girl,
An always-get-tight,
A stay-out-all-night,
Have-a-kid-in-the-end young girl.

Make-a-bloke-a-choke young girl,
Love-a-gin-soak young girl,
“Fined-forty-bob ”—young girl.

A tallow-faced-straight young girl,
A never-out-late young girl,
A Salvation-mummery,
Kid-by-a-captain young girl.

*always-in-quod – always in prison
sure-to-be-scragged – sure to be hung
A pocket-of-hogs – a pocket of silver
save-all-his-rhino – save all his money



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