Run Riot

Beverley Skyers was a teenage poet in the early 80s and came from Lewisham. This poem is from late 1981.

Run Riot

A brethren throws a brick
an’ a bull get lick
A sister throws a stone
an’ more bull come down.

babylon tek out dem riot shiel’
but dat nah stop dem from bleed
‘Stop all this violence’ a shout from de
but it was no use, the frustration
grew loud.

Babylon a run but me don’t know why
Youthman a run but me still don’t know
School children a run, but why?

“Dem a run fe dem life
Man a fe hol’ up him wife
dem a try to survive
fe stay alive.”

A white man chucks a rock
an’ a shop window brok,
Black han’ white han’
looting out de lan’.

Looting, fighting against the
Trying to achieve a war dat
should be won.

“Fire,” shouted one man.
They had lighted a light bue van.
Riot on de lan’
from those with the wicked han’.

Will de violence ever end,
and the heart aches ever mend?
Shall we have truth and right,
and stop the fuss an’ fight?

Beverley Skyers


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