Little Brother – Deptford

From the NME, 17 December, 1983

Little Brother
Deptford Engineers

Little Brother has subtly distanced himself from the ranters. To be fair more a stand-up comic-poet – but even so it stinks of first rat off the ship. Kiss and kill, it’s a tough business. Rant is still alive. Check out Ferenc Aszmann. Forget ugly, hollow Attila.

Little Brother is sharp, funny, hard, still a menace to the Young Fascists. There’s enough outright surrealism, drugs and children’s TV, Murdoch’s crusade etc, to draw you in for the stinging blows. The trouble is the perennial one of preaching to the middle-class “intellectually” converted. In 1984 Little Brother must invade the sensibilities of the masses, and the logical starting point is a young rock audience.

Being so insular and comfortable, the average CAST/New variety audience walks out when the band (ie something loud) comes on. For once they were right.

Peter Pota



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