A poem from Jamming!, number 23, December, 1984. Jamming! had gone monthly in October ’84 and the poetry got a bit more proper from the ranty stuff published when it was a ‘zine.


Nine o’clock the rush hour ends
The panic ebbs, flows on it’s way
A dirty dish the routine starts
Empty packets frame another day.

A haze of soapy bubbles
A polished saucepan, a gleaming knife
Slowly picking up broken pieces
A shattered plate a shattered life.

View of flapping, blue-white washing
A howling dog, a screaming phone
A mist of valium and instant coffee
Barbara Cartland and Woman’s Own.

A wailing hoover fights the aspirin
Another cigarette and Jimmy Young
Worn-out dreams and worn-out laundry
catalogues, shopping and The Sun.

Memories left out for the dustman
Hope just a ring round the bath
Escape now comes in small packets
Dreams just cold ashes in the hearth.

Mike Goddard


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