Undaunted – Attila The Stockbroker

Back in 1971 a West Indian schools anthology noted of Louise Bennett’s poetry: “Enjoyable as she is in performance, Louise Bennett’s range is often restricted to topicality and journalism.”
They saw what was the strength of her poetry as a weakness.
Ranting often suffered the same, and there was some fairness to it back in the 80s. Much of the spark and kick that a live poem has as it’s ranted and seethed at an audience can be lost a few months down the line when events have turned, or more likely worsened. Much of the fire can be extinguished on the printed page as new issues and causes are there to ranted at and poemed about.
This latest collection by Attila covers poems from 2014-2016 so the poems are still kicking.
True to his punk rock roots Attila published the book, as he has others, himself and sells them at gigs. He gigs non-step so the books move as fast as Jello Biafra sings.
As you’d expect from Attila there’s politics, there’s humour, but there’re also some personal reminiscences that bring out a more poetic, rather than ranty, side to Attila, and very welcome that is.
Faves of mine here included are My Doctor Martens which covers the battles we fought in the 70s and 80s and brings ’em right up to date, Auntie Rose, and his ode to flexible cystoscopy Candid Camera. Farage and Trump also take a kicking.
Good to see the lad still hard at it. Let’s kick out the Tories…

Buy it here, or even better, at a gig.


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