From Norwich poetry ‘zine Speak Easy, number 2, May, 1982.


When he worked in the factory he was never slack
Now he lies in his bed while his toast turns black
And his wife yells up from the kitchen, ‘Fred!’
‘Are you going to spend the rest of your life in bed?’

So he gets up, dresses, washes then he lights a fag
And he creaks downstairs but the day just drags
While he slumps in his armchair and listens to the trains
Feels flys crawling through the compartments of his brain

Conversation aggrovation degradation bore
Brickworking men with their backs against the wall
He boards the wrong bus by mistake – who cares? They’re all the same
Outside, the street is laughing while the clouds cry rain

At three o’clock he’s silent, watching T.V. with the wife
The newspaper he thumbed through
Now as crumpled as his life

Simon Pitt


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