Table Anarchists

A rant about trendy politicos from Wake Up, number 6, 1985.
The Saboteur was a Ranting poet from Taunton in Somerset.

Table Anarchists

Sit around and get pissed
That’s your table anarchist
He’s the middle class fighting the system
Christ I must’ve blinked and missed ‘im
Larry the Lamb and his flock of sheep
So bloody boring they send me to sleep
The health food shop is the place to be
‘Cos it’s easier to buy herbal tea
A handful of nuts, a handful of rice
Devise a plan and think about it twice
He’ll tell you he’s a vegan, swear it’s true
Then he’ll try to force his ideas on you
His ideals and lifestyle just don’t match
And he can’t grow fuck all on his vegetable patch
It’s about as much as he is able
Anarchy on the kitchen table


Sarah Fletcher with Wake Up, number 6.


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