Now We Shall March Through The Streets

This is from the 1969 Corgi anthology Doves For The 70s.
Peter Marshall is a prolific writer including a history of anarchism.

Now We Shall March Through The Streets

When our days were young
The air was full of our glory –
The jets screaming our triumph,
The villagers fleeing in a thousand directions,
And our rockets tearing into their heels.
Well I can speak
Of the mastery of metal over flesh –
Salvoes, machine-gun streams
Leaving blood flowing freely
Even gaily, in the blood season
Of our manhood.
I can write of power,
And nerve tangles of pleasure and fear,
Tenseness and excitement,
The godliness of sky and speed
Suggesting honour and importance –
Yet when I remember, when I think
Of howling motors and hailing metal,
I can set down nothing of significance –
Only some political ramblings
Not worth recall.

Peter Marshall


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