Morrissey Reviews The Cramps

Morrissey is a teenage werewolf in the Record Mirror, 5 April, 1980.

The Cramps
Manchester Polytechnic

But who ARE The Cramps? And where do they come from? Ad what can we, as concerned individuals, do to curb their threat to mankind?
‘I Was A Teenage Werewolf’ howls Lux Interior as The Cramps introduce good-natured perversity to a Mancunian crowd of epileptic butterflies. This is a group not to be analysed, but to be FELT. The overly responsive crowd are honoured – they know that The Cramps are somethig very very special. Here are The Cramps just when we need them!
It would take several volumes to fully describe each member of The Cramps. Lux Interior wanted to form this group ever since he first saw ‘The Thing’, and didn’t Bryan Gregory once audition for the starring role in ‘The Creature From The Black Lagoon’? And also, is it true that guitarist Ivy Rorschach sets fire to orphanages when she’s bored? Drummer Nick Knox looks as if he’s come straight from the Mummy’s Tomb.
Are The Cramps real? That is the question.
People jump sideways and age 10 years as Lux, shirtless and gone to the world, sings ‘Strychnine’ (his fave drink, don’t you know), and then ‘Sunglasses After Dark’, moments to be treasured. Their set is so powerful (and clever?) that you go home asking yourself two million questions , the first and last being “Who ARE The Cramps?” They are the most beautiful – yes, BEAUTIFUL group I’ve ever seen. The fact that they exist is enough.


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