SWells, Sexism, Skinheads, Septics

A Revelation

Seething Wells has no sense of humour!
This conclusion has been reached after an all day gig also attended by the aforementioned.
After several, no doubt well-intentioned, but ultimately boring and repetitive England bands, an American band whose name I missed (Nig Heist – Bag Ed.) plunged into a set of unbelievable sexism and audience wind-ups.
It was the first spark of humour all day, and I, and my girlfriend and plenty of others appreciated the joke. No so SWells. As they left, he entered the stage to inform us that, “there are better dog on the street than the American bastard that just went off.”
Talking to one of the band later it transpired that four large skinheads had earlier cornered Black Flag’s female bass player and treated her to a similar, annt-American tirade along the lines of “Your lot brought the fucking missiles over.”
The scene was set for a minority to try and spoil Black Flag’s performance (comparable to the Birthday Party at their most manic), which was fortunately an impossible task.
I wonder if the persons mentioned above realise that labelling all Americans as pro-nuclear, commie-hating, fascist rednecks, is as much racism as the NF/BM labelling all blacks as dope-pushing, white-hating pimps and muggers.
As someone who has read Molotov Comics from its inception, SWells’s lack of humour and blinkered attitude astounded me.
T.Lacy, Leeds

It did? You can’t have read it ery carefully. -DW

From the NME‘s letters page, 11 August, 1984
T. Lacy must hae been dweadfully miffed, he’d also been whining in Sounds.


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