A poem from Pete Ramskill’s 1984 collection Strike.
Pete also gigged and wrote as John Bitumen.

White And Safe

It’s easy spotting boneheads
NF or Made In England tattooed on pale pink arms
Or a swastika blue-green on an intense forehead
A face like a rasher of bacon
A curious uniformity
Yet only making the size of the ears
Rudely evident

It’s easy to say “silly bastards”
From a safe distance
Easy to “shit brains”
From suburban seclusion
Easy to dismiss the fears of others
Others on the front line
Others who see the boneheads
As the Jews once saw the brown shirts

It’s easy to ay “mindle morons”
About people who leave you alone
They don’t shit on your doorstep
Or brick your windows
Or kick your kids
No petrol poured through your front door
No stabbed or beaten friends
In hospital beds

White and safe
Deploring racist violence
Storing racist thoughts

Pete Ramskill


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