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Dial-A-Poem Poets

An American album from 1984: Giorno Poetry Systems 10-track vinyl LP comprising works by Dial A Poems finest – William S. Burroughs, Meredith Monk and Anne Walgmann, and from the New York noise/punk scene: poet and punk musician Jim Carrol, DNS’s Arto Lindsay with Mars’ Lucy Hamilton, Lydia Lunch with Clint Ruin, Richard Hell and an utterly necessary version of ‘Unclean’ by industrial giants Psychic TV – Genesis P-Orridge, Wife Paule, and Alternative TV’s Alex Fergusson…

Side 1:
1. David Johansen – Imaginatin’ Coctail
2. John Giorno – Exiled In Domestic Life
3. William S. Burroughs (Research Recording, 1984)
4. Psychic TV – Unclean
5. Lydia Lunch – What It Is

Side 2:
1. Meredith Monk – Candy Bullets And Moon
2. Jim Carrol – A Peculiar Looking Girl
3. Anne Waldman – Uh-oh Plutonium
4. Richard Hell – The Rev. Hell Gets Confused
5. Arto Lindsay – Alisa

Something Else

What yoof TV used to be. This episode of BBC’s Something Else, a series that ran from 1978 is from 2 October, 1981. There’s poetry from Anne Clark and Aidan Cant – incidental music by Paul Weller – a bit about youth clubs, as well as music from The Jam, The Questions and the much missed Dolly Mixture. There’s an also a section where young people talk about what class they are as they awkwardly sit around a table (not) drinking.
Of particular interest is some talk on ‘zines from Tony Fletcher of Jamming! Also featured is Making Time and the item is very centred on poetry. The young reporter even talks to Faber and Faber about what they are, and aren’t, publishing and this links right back to the class item. Now there’s a suprise.