Miner’s Theatre

The 1986 Hooligan Press book A Year Of Our Lives is written by the community involved in the 84/85 miner’s strike from Hatfield main colliery near Doncaster. Kitty Holding, a miner’s wife, writes about her part in the fight including this bit about going to London to represent the strikers.

We have had a letter to go down to London again to the Young Vic as they are doing a play for Channel 4. It’s about the 1926 strike, we can raise funds in the Vic the week the show is running; me and Carol are going down Monday…
Well it was a good week at the Young Vic, we was able to get the producer to change some of his show. You would think it was just like this strike, they even had a voice just like Maggie Thatcher’s in it. At the end a miner got down and crawled back down the mine. Well we just stood and shouted “Get off your bloody knees and walk tall”, well the house was packed full with people. They just looked at us, some started to clap us, others just walked out.
Why do people like them go to see a show when they don’t agree with what it’s about? People are funny.


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