Give Them Enough Dope

This poem by the much missed Jon Beast, along with Daz Brown, featured in Wake Up, number 5, 1985.

Give Them Enough Dope

From the skinheads who like kicking mods
To the ‘arty’ punks in black
‘Anarchy’s’ become another term
To stencil on your back

The music is just a catalyst
To get the message across
Try teaching these diffrent factions
And the message will be lost

The Pistols didn’t mean it maaaaaaan
I’m sure that they all knew
They were being marketed
Now can’t you see that too?

You pay five quid to stand and pose
With three hundred more like you
You swear you’re all individuals
Just WHO is conning WHO?

Buy a tee shirt for five ninety nine
Be moody, never smile
You’ve seen Alien Sex Kitten 14 times
And think that punk is vile

So you think you are all rebels
But underneath you’re all the same
It’s not the way you wear your clothes
It’s the way you use your brain

You’re always worried about your eye make up
Or the right soap for your hair
If the revolution started tomorrow
You’d be discussing what to wear

The Exploited didn’t mean it maaaaaaan
They only did it for the glue
They learnt it from the Pistols maaaaaaan
And now they’re exploiting you

Jon Beast and Daz Brown


3 thoughts on “Give Them Enough Dope

  1. tim bennett

    I’ll always treasure the correspondence in my zine days with Jon Beast,questioning whether he really ate curried weetabix for breakfast etc. The fact he lived in my old stomping ground of Exeter after i moved to Bristol was a bonus,mainly he was just so cool and funny,his letters would make a good book in themselves like many a talented writer and character.


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