The Poison Girls’ album Hex reviewed in Spare Rib, Number 89, December, 1979.

Posion Girls
(Small Wonder)

Poison Girls are a mixed band (four men and one woman) who don’t conform to any stereotyped roles. Most of the band live communally, confronting and challenging how women and men develop together. They play strong, varied, inventive music, having evolved from both punk and theatre.
“It would be inaccurate to define us as feminist” they say, but Hex has a strong influence, that neither feminists nor anti-sexist men can ignore. Although most of their lyrics are written from a woman’s viewpoint, they are not alienating to men. Notable tracks include..
Is it safe to go shopping?
Leave the kids outside the toilet?
Water dripping on the carpet;
Is it time to have a crisis?
Hit the baby – stop it screaming.
Can you stand it if I touch you?

… from an intense ‘Crisis’, and in ‘Bremen Song’ the music stops to remind you of the holocaust where … we burn, sisters, burn.
And if you want to bop, listen to ‘Idealogically Unsound’ … know what you want, but can’t quite live it? Or there’s a wonderful song for all the (punk) mothers who are rejecting the normal stereotypes, ‘Jump Mama Jump’ – you can have a good pogo to that one. ‘Under the Doctor’ is about the common situation of a mother cracking up under the strain, who doesn’t want to be controlled by drugs and psychiatrists. ‘Reality Attack’ is about so-called ‘insanity’.
It’s difficult to describe their music, and they deny the labels. They play at a lot of live gigs, and benefits, so not only is this record a definite must in every feminist collection … go and see them too!

Cynthia Siza
Stefanie Petticoat

Hex is available for £2.10 plus 45p p&p, from Small Wonder, 162 Hoe Street, London E17 (01 520 5036)


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