Blues Party

Dem A Come – Poetry and Other Raps was a pamphlet by the Radical Alliance of Poets and Players that came out in 1978. The RAPP coalition was originally formed in 1973 to present ‘roots’ community theatre and the pamphlet contains short drama sketches as well as poems.

Blues Party

Getting tired, feeling weary
Ah think ah was leave dir party early
But sounds stop me dead in me tracks
Have to go inside back
Maybe stay five minutes more
Hold on position by de door
Music hitting me heavy in my head
Wanna dance but me feet feel like lead
So ah swing me hips steady wid ah beat
Mus tek off me coat Oh God de heat
Find meself in de middle of de room
Mus leave dis party soon
Now de music saying “Rock ya back”
As de D.J. come wid some heavy attack
Feel like a musical train
Cos he only stopping to start again
Dis time wid a slow slow dance
Ah just flollow me partner like ah inna trance
dat done ah wanna eat “Half hour love
We don finish de meat”
Jesus Christ in me foot an me belly
Lord knows how ah get through Guava Jelly
Mek a move now put on me coat
Some voice calling “Is you order a goat?”
Try to eat it quick quick quick
Before de catch me wid a musical trick
When ah tell you de ting was hot
Ah sure ah get first share from de pot
Mus res now feh ah while
Watch some guys shuffling wid style
See ah space ah just dance cross de floor
Ah hope my space is still der by da door
Cause ah getting tired out ah feeling merry
Ah think ah gwan hold on to of dis
Blues party.


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