Popticians – Live

John Hegley’s band reviewed in the NME, 28 January, 1984.

Pauline Melville

Deptford Albany Empire

The Albany is thick with one-gig-a-year stuffed shirts, trendy liberals and middle-class vegetable-faced hippies. The sweet smell of Hush Puppies and baked potatoes.
The busking Popticians could, thank God, be anywhere. Imagine Covent Garden, the Safeways check out, your own living room! John Hegley and his cohorts stroll on (real players these), adjust their spectacles, and strike a blow for the “working classes”. Cute, inane, witty, and with the underlying irony in ‘Living In A Mobile Home’ and ‘He’s In Love With A Brown Paper Bag’ striking a deeper they’re an irresistable joke at present. “The lightweight lyric is here to stay” – self-deprecation, welcome home John.
Pauline Melville, aka Edie, is into jokes as stitches hanging from a virtually seamless monologue. Interesting and sharp as needles in her appraisal of Greenham Common from the below-the-wire level, too many of her other targets are pure knitting routine-analyists. Exit, existentialists, polygamy, housewife orgasm groups, old jokes told in an old way. Predictably she went down a storm. The West End and fossilization beckon.

Peter Potts.

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