Not For Sale

Girlschool’s Demolition album reviewed in Spare Rib, number 98, September, 1980.

Bronze Records

An all girl band invariably get a fair amount of attention from the music press, and this all girl heavy metal band got, I thought, better press than they deserved until I bought their LP. Woooargh, as Ted Nugent (repulsive man) would say. It’s great!
The first track, ‘Demolition Boys’ hits like a triple vodka on an empty stomach. Layers and layers of shattering loud noise, to send you looking for a wall to bang your head against. The lyrics, while not subtle, serve their purpose – they are there if you want them, but the vocals are just another slice of noise. Two of the songs are feminist orientated, ‘Not For Sale’,about women’s bodies being used to sell consumer products, especially cars, and ‘Baby Doll’, about cattle market beauty contests, but their appearance and attitudes are if anything more refreshing than their lyrics. Their long tangled hair and black denims make it obvious that it’s their music they concentrate on, and not whether their eyeshadow matches their shoes, and their nail polish is intact. All the singles are here, ‘Race with the Devil’, ‘Take it all Away’, ‘Nothing to Lose’, and ‘Emergency’, and they are all very good, but fans must have been hoping for some new material.
If you want comparisons then Motorhead is the nearest there is, but their sound is slightly more refined, and the female vocals give it a different slant all together. If I had longer hair, I’d be shaking it furiously. Ted Nugent, I think you’ve had it.

Anna Burnside

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