Dora May

East End working mother Dora May had a collection called One of the Great Unsquashed published by Page One Books in 1985.
As an introduction she wrote:

Sitting indoors feeling very depressed and sorry for myself 4 weeks after having a ‘womans operation’, I took a spur of the moment decision and enrolled in English classes at West Ham College. At the end of the term year I had passed an ‘O’ level. I now had a piece of paper to prove that I wasn’t a complete twit! It certainly done something to my brain – I started to think. This little book is the result.
Women need to laugh – have to laugh. (I should know, having had 6 offspring) I’ve written about what I know and how I feel.
I hope ladies you can laugh with me.
I don’t care if the men laugh or not, but if they do I’ll count that as a bonus.

Morning Noon and Night

Rush down to breakfast
fall over a chair
My tights are laddered –
look at my hair!
Buses on strike again
lifes not fair.

Into a ‘Wimpy’ for a quick burger bun
Drop all the onions
life isn’t fun
And it’s started to rain – shit!
I’ll just have to run.

Home in the evening to mum and T>V>
Mum isn’t in
How mean can life be?
Still she’s left a note
egg and beans for my tea.

The telly was smashing
(and so was my tea)
I’ve had a nice bath
and a phone call from ‘he’
Now I’m off up to bed
life is good when you’re free.

Dora May

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