Isadora Duncan

Poem from the first issue of American socialist magazine The Liberator, March, 1918 written by the editor, Max Eastman.

Isadora Duncan

You bring the fire and terror of the wars
Of running infidels in shining hordes,
With spears like sun-rays, shields and wheeling swords
Flame shape, death shape and shaped like scimitars,
With crimson eagles and blue pennantry,
And teeth and armor flashing, and white eyes
Of battle horses, and the silver cries
Of trumpets unto storm and victory!

Who is this naked-footed lovely girl
Of summer meadows dancing on the grass?
So young and tenderly her footsteps pass,
So dreamy-limbed and lightly wild and warm,
The bugles murmur and the banners furl,
And they are lost and vanished like a storm!

Max Eastman

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