City Of Razors

From the first issue of Eddie Linden’s long running poetry magazine Aquarius, 1969. Augustus Young caught the space many working class writers inhabit nicely in a review of Tom Leonard from Aquarius, No. 7. 1974: ‘Glasgow grafitti are rapidly being demolished: thus the need for Glasgow poets.’

City of Razors

Cobbled streets, littered with broken milk-bottles,
reeking chimneys and dirty tenement buildings,
walls scrawled with FUCK THE POPE and blue-lettered
Old woman at the corner, arms folded, bab in pram,
a drunk man’s voice from the other pavement,
And out come the Catholics from evening confessional;

A woman roars from an upper window
‘They’re at it again, Maggie!
Five stitches in our Tommy’s face, Lizzie!
Eddie’s in the Royal wi’ a sword in his stomach
and the razor’s floating in the River Clyde.’

There is roaring in Hope Street,
They’re killing in the Carlton,
There’s an ambulance in Bridgeton,
And a laddie in the Royal.

Eddie S. Linden – for the city of Glasgow.

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