Jean Milton is an obscure Scottish poet. She was one of only 4 female poets in Noise and Smoky Breath, An Illustrated Anthology of Glasgow Poems 1900 – 1983. There were 43 male writers. In fact there were 9 poems by women in total, and 4 were by Liz Lochhead.
This poem is from Aquarius, No. 6, 1973. This was a Scottish issue.


Houses with eyes half closed
sit tight in chopped off motorway
A blue mist and snow clouds hang over
Partick’s tenements
…stepping out to the BUROO Signing on time
Safe in routine after sleeping in
I collect my money but don’t spend it on
booze like the old men I saw in the
pedestrian underpass; beer at 10.15
I spend it on other bad habits

Jean Milton


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