LKJ and Clarkey’s singles reviewed in Sounds, 3 November, 1979, by Alan Lewis.

John Cooper Clarke:
Splat/Twat (Epic).
‘You make life a fairy tale – Grimm… here, do us all a favour, wear this polythene bag… speaking as an outsider, what do you think of te human race?’ These and other gems from Liverpool’s answer to Pam Ayres, recorded live at the Marquee. Trouble is, this is supposed to be a ‘Twin Grooved Single’, but my needle (sharpened only yesterday) refuses to pick up the ‘Splat’ track, if indeed there is one. Is this a conceptual joke?

Linton Kwesi Johnson:
Sonny’s Lettah (Anti-sus Poem) (Island).
Police victimization and its inevitable backlash described with chilling effectiveness in the form of a prisoner’s letter home to his mother. As ever, LKJ’s cool, almost deadpan delivery is a more deadly weapon than any amount of ranting and sloganeering.

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