I Come From Belfast

From the 1974 anthology Love Orange Love Green – Poetry of Living, Loving and Dying in Working-Class Ulster. The anthology collected work from across the divide.

I Come From Belfast

You stand so dark and dreary, your streets so cold and grey
And many a man who loved you so, has long since gone away.

The people who tread your paths, have hearts of purest gold,
But like this precious metal, they are hard and very cold.

It is said that they are Christians, and place their trust above
Don’t be taken in by them, they have killed the homing dove.

Your children are all scattered, throughout the world so grand,
To be found in very city in every foreign land.

No better builders in the world, and this be oh so true,
But when it comes to working they’ll never work for you.

They have fought with one another, for many years gone by,
And live in fear and ignorance, and in this they’ll one day die.

So I suggest to you, my friend, before it gets too late,
Unite the people for once and all and forget this thing called hate.

For when the day of Judgement comes and they stand before their God,
He won’t turn and ask them if they are Taig or Prod.

So forget these silly differences and let’s be friends at last,
And some day they’ll be proud to say ‘I come from Belfast.’

Liam Molloy

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