Hate And War

Zig Zag ditches the hippies and puts on bondage strides, as reported in the NME, 25 June, 1977.

Train-spotters out, P*nks in

While picking up this copy of NME from your friendly downtown newsagent did you perchance see a strikingly good colour pic of Johnny Rotten glaring at you from the magazine stand?
Were you taken aback when you realised it was that Abraham of the Fanzine, Zig Zag?
What the H*ll is happening to those hippies in Aylesbury?
Since its inception over 8 years ago, Zig Zag has never exactly made any money. Two months ago they put Cherry Vanilla on the cover and the issue sold out, despite being banned by W H Smiths.
Hope dawned. The following month they fronted with Richard Thompson – and created an all-time record for low sales. The penny dropped. Ergo, viz. and etc.
Well known William Shakespeare-lookalike Peter Frame founded Zig Zag, and has stayed with it ever since. Despite a recent self-confessed relapse into laziness, Frame most earnestly didn’t, quoth Frame, want to see his baby disappear.
“If Zig Zag is going to die, then its going to die like James Dean and I’m going to be at the wheel.”
Editor for the last three months has been Paul Kendall, but as Frame claimed, “He didn’t display the dynamic abrasive thrust that we expected.” (Dynamic? Abrasive? Zig Zag? – Ed.) “So the Editor’s chair has been taken over by Zig Zag’s resident p*nk Kr*s Needs. Fr*ame is working under Needs and is overjoyed at the prospect. (This sentence is open to misinterpretation. – Ed.)
Does this mean that Z*g Z*g is going New Wave?
Zig Zag has been new wave ever since it started. We were the first to write about Iggy, Kim Fowley, The Stranglers, The Flamin’ Groovies, the first to interview an ex-Sex Pistol – in Nick Kent – and” (he stressed) “the first to have the words Punk Rock emblazoned on the cover.”
Now that is something.
But what about the people ZZ used to write about? “I’m fed up with writing about boring old people who won’t talk to me. Besides, I’ve already written all the masterpieces about those old fatties.”
And how about the rest of those long informative pieces on people like Ron Wood?
“Ron Wood is Dead.”

Chalkie Davies & Ron Wood

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