Worsbro’ All Stars

Theatre by working class women during the miners’ strike from The Heart And Soul Of It, a 1985 book about the people of Worsborough lived through the 1984/85 strike published by Worsborough Community Group and Bannerworks Community Arts Project.

Worsbro’ All Stars

We are all working class women from mining families. We formed the ‘Worsbro’ All Stars’ three years ago, from the theatre workshop at Northern College, which we still attend every Monday night. Steve Trafford and Liz Mansfield from Leeds run the workshop and have helped us enormously both with choosing material and showing us how to put it across to an audience.
We began three years ago by putting on shows, plays or reviews at Northern College at the end of each term and then progressed to doing outside bookings. We have performed for Labour Party functions, women’s nights, unemployed socials and occasionally in working men’s clubs. More recently because of the miners’ strike we have done a lot of miners’ benefits.
We write much of our own material which is usually very political and often very funny. Our show includes two miners’ songs which we wrote about four months into the strike, also a song about BUPA, one about rape, nuclear war, and one about the DHSS, plus lots more topical material. We like to put our message across in a lighthearted way yet the message is always very serious.

Rita, Lorraine, and myself have been politically active for a long time, but we find that as the ‘Worsbro’ All Stars’ we can get our thoughts and beliefs across strongly and effectively. Obviously our commitment has been intensified during the strike, and we all support the fight 100%. If we can explain the miners’ case to people, spread the word and drum up support both on stage and off then that to us is all important. We will continue to do as much as we can both as individuals and as the ‘Worsbro’ All Stars’.
When this fight is won we will go on writing and singing songs which fight against the many injustices in our society, and the destructive effects of Thatcherism.


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