The Violators

The rather good Derbyshire punk band reviewed in Sounds, 10 April, 1982, by Garry Bushell.

The Violators
‘Gangland’ (No Future)

Yer average Joe Pogo might vote this a no-no cos manic thrasherama it ain’t, mate. It’s hard, sinister and driving. If anything like cantering street -level Joy Division. Oi Division? Call it what you like all I know is it’s got real muscle and real power, a savagely stomping and stifling stroll through the teenage gangland wasteland. A Warriors requiem, a modern day drama delivered with coarse compact force. The sort of menace music Alex and the Droogs would make if they got locked in a studio all night.
I admire the Violators for this cos they could have so easily exploited Helen’s good looks via some bouncy pop work-out. But instead of playing Smash Hits Banshees they’ve majored on the darker side of the streets with Cass in the vocal saddle singing darkly instead of hoarse-hollering.
“They wanna be anti-heroes” go the fade out chants. The Violators are mine already.

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