Siouxsie Selects

Siouxsie Sioux’s NME Readers’ Poll 1980 selections, from the NME, 24 January, 1981.

Female Singer

Siouxsie Sioux

Most wonderful human being: David Attenborough
Event: Devo Live at L.A. Santa Monica Civic
Creep: Bruce Springsteen
Best group: Cramps
New act: Altered Images
Male singer: Lux Interior (Cramps)
Female singer: Aretha Franklin
Songwriter: Lou Reed
Guitarist: Robert Smith (Cure)
Bass: John Cale
Keyboards: Martin Rev (Suicide)
Drums: Mo Tucker (Velvet Underground)
Other instrument: Alan Vega’s voice (Suicide)
Single: ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’ (Adam and the Ants)
Album: ‘Suicide’ (Martin Rev and Alan Vega)
Sleeve: Christina’s 12″ of ‘Is That All There Is?’
Best dressed: Nick Kent
Haircut: Headcut: Brian Gregory (ex-Cramps)
DJ: No DJ but favourite radio station is LBC
TV show: Jim’ll Fix It
Movie: Repulsion, Eraserhead, Stepford Wives, Performance, Psycho, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane and Fantasia


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