Proletarian Literature

Brendan Behan, that marvellous fellow, has this magnificent piece in Vogue’s Gallery, an anthology of 50 Famous Authors and Artists, yes that Vogue, from 1962. The anthology collected work that had been in Vogue over the previous few years, and alongside some chic photos there’s some fine work therein. Behan’s book Borstal Boy is one […]

Richard Allen

The author of a slew of New English Library aggro classics, including the Skinhead series, in a 1996 BBC2 documentary, Skinhead Farewell. Despite being pretty dire, and some of them written in about a day the books had a massive readership and did the rounds of the school when I was a lad.

Mary Whitehouse

I was trolling through a second hand bookshop recently when I turned up a copy of Mary Whitehouse “Who does she think she is?”, her own account of her campaign against ‘Gratuitous sex and violence’ and for censorship in the media and arts. The book was published in 1971 by New English Library, home to […]

Cecil Sharp House

My friend Chardine recommended Cecil Sharp House as a possible resource and I spent the morning there. It’s home to the English Folk Dance and Song Society. I visited their library to research Miner’s Rants which several Geordies, including Richard the landlord of London’s top poetry pub the Betsey Trotwood, had been telling me about. […]