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Paul Weller’s Favourite Things

Paul Weller lists his favourite things, including Orwell, the Mask of Anarchy, and Minder from Smash Hits, 4 – 17 March issue, 1982. Previously Weller had talked his favourite telly with Flexipop.



In 1984 Pete Ramskill put a collection of poems called Strike. Part of it was a sequence of poems based on conversations with striking miners and miners’ wives involved in the fight to preserve their jobs and communities.

Strike – The Line

and the man said
with sleepless sunken eyes
“the bastards crossed the line”
and there was a question here
in those quiet words
a question steeped in history
dismay in incredulity
anger overcome
by tired confusion

so far from home
he slept
so far away
in a place where
the bastards cross the line

Pete Ramskill

Emily Harrison with a copy of Strike

Anarchist Feminist

John Hegley leant me his copy of Zero, an Anarchist/Anarcha-feminist monthly. This is issue 2 from August 1977.
John told me that the first time he heard about John Cooper Clarke was from the Agitprop page of this paper. Sure enough the third event down has Clarkey gigging a the 68 Club, a West Indian club in Manchester.
The Agitprop listing shows what the politicals of the day were up to.