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Skinhead Style

Hard As Nails, best of the sussed skinhead ‘zines, interviewed in the NME, 16 March, 1985.
The editors also did some poetry turns as the Provisional Southend Poetry Group.


Hip Style

The look for the girls in Andy Bull’s Chesterfield mod zine Immediate Reaction from early 1986.

Hip Style

There are many different styls of dress for girls, such as psychedelic, 60s Mod and 80s Mod, the one which I’m going to divulge is in the 60s style.
The girls had quite a wide range, and wore a lot of the boy’s fashion, such as long collared shirts, mohair jumpers, and eventually Levi’s jeans, the 501s, which were bought in men’s sizes because they didn’t make them for ladies.
Also girls started having tailor-made hipsters, trousers and later on skirts. These were very unique in design, and had trimmings, like covered buttons, chains, different types of pockets and slits, and even belt bars at different widths. Checked hipsters were worn a lot, and are still easy to get hold of from second hand shops and markets. It would be easier than making a full pair of trousers, and if you wanted hipsters, just trim the waist off as low as you like, and maybe make slits at the bottom.
Skirts, also mainly checked, can be got hold of quite easily, and if you want a hipster skirt, just trim them again, as with the trousers, but a lot of the skirts had ‘kick’ pleats up the back and maybe a couple up the front, but this could look too much, so a combination of splits and pleats were and are used. Usually the length of the pleated skirt was below the knee.
To have something tailor-made is expnsive, so I should try and guide past it if I were you, unless you’ve got the money and made a design you know will look good.
Shoes are harder to get hold of, if you want originals, otherwise Rebina is your best bet. The trouble is most of them have ‘clog’ heels, so loafers from shops in your area can be O.K. and in a range of colours. Sneakers can sometimes be found on the market, or in local shops.
Coats can also be a problem in the winter. Suede and leather are the best, but are tricky to get hold of. Anoraks keep you warm and are easier to get hold of.
Any outfit can be changed by make up and jewellery, earrings beads, bangles and even belts, these can be obtained everywhere in town, so what are you waiting for, go put a smart sixties outfit together and drop the Cavern, it’s cheaper this way…..

Nicola S