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My Own Mag – Jeff Nuttall

Jeff Nuttall’s poetry ‘zine My Own Mag ran from 1963 to 1966 for 17 issues. Many good names were included, amongst them: William Burroughs, Alan Brownjohn, Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg (a big name rather than a good one!), Michael McClure, Brian Patten, Charles Plymell, Alexander Trocchi, William Wantling and Tonk.
During it’s run it sold for the bargain price of a penny.
His 1968 book Bomb Culture was desribed by Peter Fryer in New Society as an ‘anarchist manifesto’ and ‘the Underground’s epitaph by one who was in at its birth’. Indeed the book was discussed in Parliament during a debate about youth culture in 1970.

The cover of the first issue, November 1963. This issue was just 4 pages.


The cover of the third issue, February 1964


The cover of the sixth issue, July 1964


The cover of the seventeenth and final issue.




Viz is undoubtedly one of the best things in Britain. Since 1979 they’ve been publishing rude, crude, irreverent humour that lays low the pompous. This interview is from the Melody Maker, 12 December, 1987.
Initially Viz started out pretty much as a ‘zine, and strips from the comic were widely seen in other ‘zines. By 1987 it was a nationally distributed comic with major sales and a welcome sight on newsagents’ shelves.


Brian McClair

Zines looking at football and music were springing up in the 80s. The first issue of A New England, 1984, has profiles of Pat Nevin, Billy Bragg, and this one from Celtic’s Brian McClair.
Footballers weren’t known for their inspiring musical choices and Brain and Pat were ‘zine favourites as they actually had decent taste.
There’s also a 1984 profile from lad’s favourite Shoot!