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Hagar The Womb – Live

The top drawer punk rock Shangri Las reviewed in the NME, 29 January, 1983.

Hagar The Womb
Look Mummy Clowns

Pied Bull, Islington

The anarcho-punk carnival plunders on, avoiding the twin pits of bankruptcy and ‘more committed than thou’ attitudes while evolving its cheap and accesible ethos. Tonight’s camp is in aid of the Animal Liberation Front, with the hard core out in force to see the newer bands and wave the flag.
Onstage the tattered and mohicaned frontman chides his equally well-dressed audiences as Look Mummy Clowns launch into yet another vibrant melody. Sparks of powerful musical inspiration shower the excited crowd as unremitting fanzine peddlers vie for your attention.
“I don’t wanna be today’s Miss World,” comes the cry from Hagar The Womb’s twin female vocalists, leaving blustering leaflets discarded in the anticipation of their brash feminist brand of kitsch’n’cliche. Formerly in the vanguard of the Can’t Play Won’t Care brigade, their appealing fallabout optimism has survived the metamporphosis into sprightly, early Slits type melodies, and the crowd dances its approval.
They are bright and light-heartedly serious, grasping the whole unashamed spirit which stops these affairs being merely alternative party political broadcasts.
As they finish and the site is cleared, everything seems somehow happier.

Tony D