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All Out For The Miners

In February 1985 a ton, 16 tons if you will, of acts booked by Apples and Snakes, Alternative Arts, Cast New Variety, and Ragged Trousered Cabaret picketed Neasden power station. Several stages were set up outside to prevent the entry of coal lorries. Without coal Neasden couldn’t function. The lorries were back the next day but a message was sent that the cultural community and its audience supported the miners.


Cast New Variety

An outstanding, and typical, bill from the ‘alternative cabaret’ promoters. They’d usually have a poet (often a ranter), a comedian, a musician and a ‘weird turn’ on the bill.
This bill from NME, 31 March, 1984 has some top drawer names: Pauline Melville, Benjamin Zephaniah, Mark Miwurdz, Billy Bragg, Matumbi, The Popticians (John Hegley’s band), Left Wing Teds and many more.


Wavis O’Shave

Weird comedy act, from 1982 Wavis was a regular on Channel 4’s The Tube as The Hard, an oaf obsessed with being tough who’s catchphrase was ‘I felt nowt’.
The Tube initially had some interesting comedy as well as poetry from Mark Miwurdz.


Track 1-5 were recorded in a studio, tracks 7-9 in Fatty Round’s kitchen on cassette recorder.

Track 2 clearly shows that Wavis invented Rap Music back in ’79!

Track 3 is about the demise of British comedian Sid James.

Track 6 is a genuine phone call ingeniously set up and recorded from Newcastle’s ‘Metro Radio’ late night James Whale Show.

Track 8 is about disgraced British Liberal politician Jeremy Thorpe.

Wavis O'Shave

Wavis O’Shave

Some clips of The hard from The Tube, also with post-punker Muriel Gray