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Wake Up

The Redskins, Neurotics, Attila, Billy Bragg, and Kevin Seisay on this 1987 miner’s benefit 12″ from Dave Womble’s Wake Up zine.

the Redskins – levi stubbs’ tears
Billy Bragg – a change is gonna come
the Neurotics – this fragile life
Attila the Stockbroker – 40 years
Kevin Seisay – all smiles
Billy Bragg with Wiggy, the Neurotics and Attila the Stockbroker – garageland


God Save Us From The USA

A benefit album for the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign featuring poets Nick Toczek and Attila the Stockbroker. There are also several punk bands including Zounds, the Apostles, and the Neurotics, as well as Welsh language punk band Anhrefn. The album came out in 1987 on Happy Mike Records. In 1988 it was released again by Workers Playtime Records.

Nick Toczek – Noo Yawk Squawk 0:00
Nick Toczek – Sheer Funk 1:45
Culture Shock – Catching Flies 3:23
Anhrefn – Nefoedd Un Uffern Llall 7:21
Dan – Best Of Families 11:57
Neurotics – Never Hold Your Tongue 13:46
Zounds – Demystification 16:53
Attila The Stockbroker – Libyan Students From Hel 20:36
Karma Sutra – Let Them Eat Samosas 23:45
Some Weird Sin – God Bless America 28:11
Instigators – Eye To Eye 32:26
Heresy – Flowers In Concrete 35:14
Heresy – Cornered Rat 38:12
The Apostles – Inner Space