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Vicious Rumours

The cheery as ever NME reviews Vicious Rumours, 5 December, 1987.

Vicious Rumours
The Sickest Men In Town
(Link LP only)

An LP devoid of musical worth, humour and charm from a sarf London skinhead cabaret combo with an alarming propensity to strip off and pretend to shout when a camera is pointed in their direction.
Over anachronistic Lurkers-style guitar, Vicious Rumours sing about ‘good times’ on the pull, on the piss and on the job. Their act is clearly based on the Macc Lads, but i don’t think you’d catch even those numbsulls chorusing, “You’ve gotta whip it out of your pants/You’ve gotta whip it out of your pants/You’ve gotta whip it out of your pants/And dangle your plums.”
Venereal disease, pregnant girlfriends and not getting their ‘share of the women’ would appear to be the only stumbling blocks Vicious Rumours envisage ever having to circumnavigate in life. It is time they addressed themselves to the very real problem of having made a ludicrously poor LP.

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