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SWells X Moore

Seething Wells interviewed by X Moore in the NME, 6 February, 1982. This was the first bit of mainstream press for the Ranters. SWells talks about skinheads, politics, music, poetry, Oi, and kicking over the statues.


The Best

Simon the singer with Sarf London punk band Five O also put in some poetry gigs. This is from 1981.

The Best

We were the best
And all we cared about
Was being mates
We’d help each other out
We’d show ’em all
That without a doubt
We were the best
We were something to shout about

I cut my hand
And he did too
We mixed our blood
And we were gonna prove
That we were close
And it would always be
That I’d look after him
And he’d take care of me

I got beat up
But I was not alone
Cos he was there
And fought ’em on his own
He got hurt bad
I had to take him home
We bled together
We never bled alone

I used to whistle
He’d always be there
“Yeah, I’m in trouble”
He didn’t seem to care
I’d help him too
Cos that was only fair
We did it all
We did it as a pair

Then you two met
And he wanted you
You hated me
And I hated you too
You took my mate
And you tried to prove
That you were close
And that your love was true

One day I whistled
And I couldn’t understand
Why he didn’t come
Just like we planned
I got it bad
I got kicked to the ground
I thought of those cuts
We’d made in our hands

Si of Five O