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No Pop No Style

No Pop No Style

Through her teeth, she whistled.
In the alley up Cazenove Road
she lifted her skirt, pulled down
blue, white trimmed, knickers
and let it all go. Between her legs
gold, the hopes and dreams
neither of us would ever cash,
ran away into the midnight.
None too gentle, the fine spray
caught the sheen of her brogue.
She whistled ‘Uptown Top Ranking’.
Through her teeth, she whistled.

Tim Wells


Wreck A Buddy

Wreck A Buddy

The green gold tonik reached mid thigh,
her legs went far further.
Nurse’s shoe, she’ll take care of you
or your going ‘ome in a fuckin’ ambulance.
The jacket sported a ticket pocket
for every heart she’d toyed.
At her breast a pocket square,
pinned and red as my beating heart.
Rolling her shoulders to reggae
she was all a shimmer and I a mess.
The cut alone sang different class.
The light fell through the pub window
caught the curve of her fundament
and the sun shone from her arse.

Tim Wells

Dem Kicksy Sah

A poem from Frederick Williams’ 1981 collection Me Memba Wen.

Dem Kicksy Sah

De young boy and gal dem a now a days
Dem kicksy sah.
First time wen mi go a dance an a dance quadrill,
Minto, rumba, bassanova, and even de ska,
Yu se man and woman drop som breed a foot,
Yu se man shake a leg and woman shimmy
Movie maker no know weh dem mis.
De man dem ina cream serge tight foot pants,
De woman ina dem flare or abble skirt,
We use to enjoy we self yaah.

Wat a way tings change.

Wey day, mi go to a dance,
So mi stan up ina one corna
Jus a fatten mi eyes,
Me notice sa every ting change,
De music to raggae,
De people, younger faces,
De dress, a bit of every ting,
De dance, well mi cant call dat dancing
Mi affe call it body movements.

After a wile fattenin me eyes,
Mi ask one nice looking girl
May I have a dance, she give a slow glance,
Den she hole mi roun me waist as hard as she could,
So me hole her too – belly touching belly,
We start fe wine rocking to de beat,
Wen de bass hit her mi feel she flip she hip,
Mi jus hole aan tight.

Wen de record dun, swet runnin dung me face,
De place crowded an hot,
But de password is kool runnins,
Mi ask a few more girls fe dance,
An mi get de chance fe experience
Dat rite here woman’s lib gain momentum,
For me se sa,
Ono man a dub dung woman agen,
A woman a dub dung man,
But it nice yaah,
Mi like it,
Yes, Man mi like it.

Frederick Williams

You I Love And Not Another

You I Love and Not Another

In sleep
she balled her fists,
Her railing
never stopped.
One time
she cupped my ‘nads
so tight
I had to wake her up
to let them go.
That very morning
she’d lobbed
bottles at the Chelsea.
They arced over
the traffic
on Pentonville Road.
Her love
was like that.
A hundred
sharp edges
that made a deep
and wondrous whole.
Levi jacket,
sleeves folded twice.
Mars bars
on her knuckles
stood predominant.
Badge on the pocket
read ‘Where
Have All the Bootboys
“Not even the dog
that piss
against the wall of Babylon
shall escape this judgment.”

Tim Wells

The Babylon quote is from the 1978 film Rockers.