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Sound System Clash

An impressive, and crucial, feature on reggae sound systems in the NME, 21 February, 1981.


Bootboy Blues

An angry skinhead girl castigates the NF in Sounds, 1 November, 1980.

In 1969 being a skinhead meant coming together as a firm – everyone was out for the music and to enjoy themselves, and so they did. But nowadays all skinheads do is ruck and allow themselves to be exploited. They are not in it for the music. How can they be, if they’re on National Front marches every other week (as it is claimed)? They are wallies who do not know what they are doing. They never will. They are ruining it for all us real skins who know what we’re doing.
Reggae music is black man music, it’s sung by blacks, danced to by blacks (and skins). So why the hell do we find skins going on NF marches? It doesn’t make sense.
Tell me all you cretins, what would happen if the NF did come into power? Do you think you’d still be roaming about the streets shouting sieg heil? No way, you’re joking. You would all be in the bloody army – but maybe that’s where half of you ought to be right now, it might teach you a bit of discipline. Do you also think that if the NF came into power that you’d be off to clubs every night, dancing and singing to music? No, under the NF there would be no music. Nothing decent anyway.
So try thinking things out for once. Reggae is skinhead music and always has been – you’ve got to be a complete idiot to hate the musicians who bring you excellent music and call yourselves skins at the same time. Maybe that’s why I’ve decided to turn straight – I’ve finally realised that I no longer believe in what skinheads currently stand for. Being a skin today brands you as an NF supporter, and I’m sick of it.
I hope that one day skinheads will make a come back in the 1969 way.

Sharon Agius, London N11