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Rodger Mcarthy Mcarthy Mcdoodle
Ninth-generation pedigree poodle
Crufts Supreme Champion once
Runner-up twice
13 shields and 14 cups
Is vet’s-clinic-check-upped twice a week
Sleek coat
Shiny nose
‘Cos Mummy knows best
And Mummy knows
That whilst Rodger glows with canine health
Money won from Doggy Shows
Wealth accumulates
Rodger’s worth his weight in gold

Rodger got RABID

Rodger went MAD

Sad to relate that man’s-best-mate
Turns nasty when the virus strikes
Come here Rodger!
Mummy said
Rodger bit of Mummy’s head.

Seething Wells


The Captains Cabin

This nautical pub was just off the Haymarket. As well as Apples and Snakes gigs, Billy Bragg also ran a night before he made it big. I was his keyboard stand on a few occasions.
There were some great line ups at Apples and Snakes in the early days, this flier from 1985 has Seething Wells, Levi Tafari, Little Brother, Porky the Poet, Nick Toczek, Surfin Dave, the Mad Kiwi Ranter and more.

Your Hetrosexual Violence

SWells tears pop plums a new one in the NME, 28 January, 1984.

Your Hetrosexual Violence

London Thames Poly

Wilhem Reich was of the opinion that the German masses flocked to the banner of the Crooked Cross as a result of overly savage potty training and orgasm starvation. Is this the message that Your Hetrosexual Violence have for the world? What a comment on our times! Very 1984 – Very Saatchi & Saatchi! Then again, I’ve probably been pricked by the wrong end of the stick. What we got here is a lack of communication.
The noize is nice and stinky – a thrashing whirlpool of bloodthirsty piranha – terrif. Unfortunately the visuals belie this fury – all sweatshirts and student haircuts. What a waste of a name. This is Rock’n’Roll – there can be no excuse for dressing up like YOPs supervisors.
A trainer-shoed Lobo-Fug wades around aimlessly, right paw held rigid screeching “Skrewdriver!” No one paid him any attention either. Herr Goebels would have blanched.
The classics of propaganda Battleship Potemkin, Mrs. Miniver or the Pistols Live – pumped their polemic home through spectacle, accessibility and more than a pinch of conscious self-parody. Your Hetrosexual Violence – I’M TALKING AT YOU! This message you have for the world – make yourselves heard, snazz it up and SNARL a little.
Ask Dr Joseph, ask Cesspit Porkinson Image is where it’s at!
Limp you Buggers, Limp!

Susan Williams