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The Revolution Starts At Closing Time

Serious Drinking, one of my favourite bands of the 80s, interviewed in Sounds, 30 October, 1982 by Attila the Stockbroker in his John Opposition journo guise.


Millions Of Dead Cops

From Maximum RockNRoll, number 5, March-April 1983

US punk band Millions of Dead Cops write up their 1982 European tour supporting the Dead Kennedys for the biggest of the hardcore punk ‘zines that sprang up in the 80s. This is worth a look for their impressions of the UK, especially of ranting poetry. Worth noting the amount of violence at gigs too,pretty typical for the time I have to say.




Serious Drinking

It’s Saturday and I’m off to football so a bit of music seems like a good idea.
Serious Drinking were a top drawer band who I saw gig a lot. I got groped when I went to see them at The Bell in King’s Cross, which was a gay pub that put on punk nights, good times!
They were from Norwich and their album ‘The Revolution Starts At Closing Time’ is highly recommended. I’ve still got my promotional beer mat. Both myself and Porky the Poet were… and are, huge fans.
This interview is from Punk Lives!, no. 10, 1983.


Clapton FC!