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Leading The Way

In the late 70s Chip Hamer penned this poem about his favourite band, the Jam. It was in a ‘zine, he reckons it was probably Making Time.

Leading the Way!

Black and white
In the night
Sharp crew cut!
Look alive ’65
Outta the rut!
Sound attack
Union Jack
Red ‘n white Ricky!
No bores,
Just chords
Nuffin’ too tricky!
Youth group,
Truth troop,
Something to say!
Put down
Pushed around
Won’t go away!
New start,
One step ahead!
No flares,
Get this instead!
Stick around,
Follow that band!
Oh guitar,
Rising star,
Angry young man!
Street beat,
Real neat,
Here to-day!
Front row,
Leading the way!

Chip Hamer


Something Else

What yoof TV used to be. This episode of BBC’s Something Else, a series that ran from 1978 is from 2 October, 1981. There’s poetry from Anne Clark and Aidan Cant – incidental music by Paul Weller – a bit about youth clubs, as well as music from The Jam, The Questions and the much missed Dolly Mixture. There’s an also a section where young people talk about what class they are as they awkwardly sit around a table (not) drinking.
Of particular interest is some talk on ‘zines from Tony Fletcher of Jamming! Also featured is Making Time and the item is very centred on poetry. The young reporter even talks to Faber and Faber about what they are, and aren’t, publishing and this links right back to the class item. Now there’s a suprise.